Production process

The knowledge to take on a huge journey, starting from a magnificent oak tree to a professionally manufactured product, is unquestionable to our company. Silva Floors is a master in taking each step within this particular journey.
When you choose Silva Floors, you are not just picking out a beautiful parquet floor. You are choosing a highly valuable and professional experience.
Each oak tree that is processed by Silva Floor has got a European origin. A stable and reliable source is the start and the guarantee of continuity: the quality is impeccable and the wood’s colour remains the same after our processing. The tannin, which is present in each oak tree, reacts to the chosen oils in the colour process. In order to guard this process, it is highly important that each range owns and keeps its own source.
After the careful selection, it is time to focus on measurements: in order to deliver a stable floor board, we always pay attention to the width and the thickness of each board. Each manufactured floor board has got a minimum of 4 mm pure oak as a top layer. The rest of the board consists of 11 mm multiplex. These multiplex layers were professionally glued together as cross-laminated timber and form a solid base for the massive oak top layer. After a process of calibrating, milling a tooth and a groove around each board, we deliver a flexible and easy to lay parquet that is also fit for underfloor heating or cooling. The origin and the appurtenant selection determines the final look and radiance of a Silver Floor range. In order to meet your expectations and desires, we will provide you with  a technical data sheet with the exact description of each range. 
The next step in the process is what makes our floors different from your general, standard parquet floors. The sheet on the sides and cuts of each board will be manually or mechanically manipulated, to give it a clean and neat look. For each range, the boards will receive a different treatment on the surfaces. This will bring out the personality of the tree: the soft wood is removed and the strong, hard veins of the board will reinforce the look. This will also avoid scratches in later use of the floorboard.  So far, the wood remained its original and natural colour. Our precise colouring process is an extremely essential step and it will secure and preserve the desired shades of each range.
Processes such as smoking, burning and bleaching are also applied to raise and deliver a wide range of choices within our product range. It is essential to use the right and correct oils in order to enhance the wood’s appearance. We believe that in order to create the aspired colour, the process of air drying is a necessity as well. While others might accelerate this part of the process by using LED or infrared light and/or other kinds of oils (with specific components),  Silva Floors chooses to maintain the air dry technique as its result is impeccable and indisputable. Other company’s results are incomparable to ours, as we strongly believe that, even though our process is time consuming, our philosophy and method will guarantee our partners and clients a floor board that is firm, unique and different than any other flooring you have ever seen before. Silva Floor is proud to produce and deliver a high quality and distinctive floor that will remain intensely beautiful and solid for you to enjoy for many years.